I am a motivating coach and trainer, a caring and curious companion, co-explorer and guide, comfortable with communicating with top managers and teenagers alike. My passion is helping clients achieve personal and/or professional goals through self-empowerment and awareness training, upskilling and confidence building.

I am Berlin based, Oslo born, have lived in the UK and Austria and worked in a number of countries. My academic background is in sociology, history of ideas and philosophy (Cand. Mag. – University of Oslo & University of Lancaster), specialising in science and medicine studies. I also hold a Grade A CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults – University of Cambridge). Since 2017 I have attended numerous workshops and training programmes to hone my skills in personal development coaching. Other interests include singing and composing.

Before becoming a trainer and coach, I worked in cultural project management and administration, focusing on merging international organisations’ standards with local business partners’ expectations and governments’ regulation, and building, training and leading multinational teams in implementing and executing these. This required excellent communication and interpersonal skills and gave me sound skills in logistics, strategic and financial planning, launching products and processes in B2B and B2G projects.

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